How to install studio pro on windows server 2016

Hi. I installed UIPATH studiox on my computer. How can I install on the same pc studio pro. Please help.

If you have installed the community version on your computer and selected StudioX - you can easily switch to the Studio Pro version.
You just need to go to settings → license and profile → change profile and choose profile ‘UiPath Studio’ instead studioX.
You can switching profile as many times as you want :slight_smile:



As per my knowledge for the latest studio version uipath merged the studio profile into studio. We don’t have separate studio pro profile I guess. Please find the unified profile section in the release notes. Thanks.

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Yes. it’s works. Thank you @pikorpa and @kirankumar.mahanthi1 for your responses.
I have to compare both version.
I very apprecite.


Comparing those two versions is like comparing a toy tool with a professional one.
If the person who creates the processes has any programming / IT background, then studio pro will be the best.
It also all depends on the level of complexity of the processes.
I suggest that whatever process comes to your mind - carry out in both versions and see for yourself what you need more :slight_smile:

Happy automation :wink:

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Thank you.
We still don’t know what we want. I’m respobility for PoC for RPA process. I believe I will be more qustions in the future here. I’m very apprecite for yours help.

Starting with 21.10 Studio Pro profile has been retired. All the advanced features are available in the standard Studio profile.

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Hello. Thank you. I meant the professional version because studiox is for non IT workers as I understand well.

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