How to install RPA on PC

how to install RPA on PC, ths.

@chengmin Can you elaborate what you are trying to achieve

Hello, thank you very much.
I am a newcomer. I want to install RPA on the computer and learn more, but I don’t know how to install it on my pc.
Is RPA similar to software that needs to be installed?

RPA is the concept (like Artificial Intelligence). To Perform RPA related activities, you need Tools (Softwares).

UIPath is one of them

Eg: Internet is a technology/concept which you can access/use using Internet Explorer,Chrome,Firefox etc

So to start with you should install UIPath tool from their website (Community Edition) which is free

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Thank you very much.
I’ve already installed it.

Great, if your query is resolved, please mark an approriate solution so others can reference it in future

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