How to Install robot on my laptop

Hi Experts,

Very basic question,

I have installed community edition, created a process, I have orchestrator ready.

But how to install robot, how to assign my processes a robot.

This is the very first step and I am not getting it.

Please help.
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Hi @Kumarsinha,

Refer this link
Installing the Robot


Hi @arivu96 I have gone through this.
What I am trying to understand is it is not working.

Where should I type “UiPathPlatform.msi” .?
What should I do that the robot tray is visible on my screen?
Is it possible with community addition at all or robot integration is possible only wit Trial version.?

Please let me know if you need any more information.


Hi @Kumarsinha,

Please navigate thru to your local path where the UiPath is installed and in there you should find a UiRobot.exe, which is your robot. Execute that in case you don’t see it on your system tray.

Ideally, it would appear whenever you run studio so the Robot will be available when you run your processes.

Your answer is absolutely correct, I found it before you answered, but many thanks anyway.

Have a great day.

In the 2016.2 version, when you opened Studio, the Robot would appear in sytsem Tray as well.

Since the 2017.1 version(and above) the Robot doesn’t start automatically.

So this is correct, in order to see it in tray:

Can you also suggest when I am connected to my Company’s VPN, my robot does not get connected.