How to install Kibana service using NSSM.exe

How to install Kibana service using NSSM.exe?

NSSM (Non-Sucking Service Manager) is a service helper which monitors the running service and will restart it if it dies. 
Installing any service with NSSM enables customization on various aspects including the actions to be taken is a service fails or stops responding. 

Below document guides on how to install Kibana services with the help of NSSM.

1. Open command prompt , and change the directory to the bin folder present inside the Kibana.      

2. Run the following command in the command prompt nssm.exe install KibanaServiceName

3. Choose kibana.bat as Application Path. 

4. Select a log file to write to on "I/O" tab for stdout and stderr.

5. On the "Dependencies" tab enter the ElasticSearch Service name. Note:- It is not mandatory to have dependency on ElasticSearch Service. If dependency is being added, it should match the name of Elasticsearch service 

6. Click on Install Service"

7. In the command prompt run sc start KibanaServiceName