How to install Assistant via command line, Enterprise plan?

According to Install Studio following Commandline instals Studio and Robot:

UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.msi /qb /lv %TEMP%\UiPathStudio_msi_install.log ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Studio,Robot SERVICE_URL=https://SERVERNAME TELEMETRY_ENABLED=0

However, this installation does not install the UiPath Assistant, needed for attended automation. (!)
I can not find any command line switch for installing the assistant. How can I install Assistant too using command line?
PS: Command line is mandatory do to IT policies.
By the way, Robot and Studio registration via following commandline works fine:

UiRobot.exe" connect --url https://SERVERNAME --key KEY

(where KEY is a template machine key created on orchestrators default tenant.)
Thank you for your time!

The assistant and robot are basically the same thing.

If you install a Robot, you automatically should have the Assistant

I tested it: Unfortunately, the Assistant is not present (the UiPath.Assistant.exe is missing.)
PS: Starting UiRobot.exe does not help…

In case anyone is still looking: If you run the following command:
UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.msi /lp! "%temp%\UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.LOG"
and select the appropriate option in the interface (in my case Assistant) then you can see in the log which values the variable ADDLOCAL has. From this you can see that StartupLauncher is the decisive switch for the assistant. In the above mentioned documentation this switch appears, however the assistant is not mentioned.

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