How to install and activate old version (2019.10.4) of Studio

I need to work on a system which has windows 7. Latest (2021) version does not support Win 7.
I tried installing UiPath 2019 version but unable to activate.
Getting error - The robot is not connected to orchestrator or there is a license version mismatch.

Any suggestions?

Hi @vivek_priyadarshi ,

Are you trying to do this in a client environment or for personal use ? Either way note that Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. That said here is a compatibility matrix you can look out for :

Also, note that if you intend to use community version then there is no way to install a specific version of Studio. Only when own enterprise license you can get specific versions of installers as per need and install it. However you have to keep track of the compatibility.

Hope that helps !

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks Nithin for the info.
It was for personal use, i tried with requesting a 60 day Enterprise Trial license. But activation is not happening.
Probably will have to update the system or try in another system.
Thanks again for replying!

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