How to install Abbyy OCR in UiPath the latest community version

Hello good people,

I have tried installing the UiPath Abbyy activities but I’ve failed because it incompatible with UiPath.
Kindly advise.

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Kakooza Allan Klaus


did you try installing in a windows - Legacy project?


No, I haven’t explored that yet.
Let give it a try.

Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

Can you verify that you have the correct version of the Abbyy activities for your UiPath Studio version. You can check the compatibility matrix on the UiPath Marketplace to ensure that the version of the Abbyy activities you are trying to install is compatible with your UiPath Studio version.


It does work, though it displays that error.


Thanks @fernando_zuluaga

Thanks @Nitya1
How do I go about that?


This is just a warning not an error…windows legacy is being removed and also support for it is removed from april…

And to use abby as of now UiPath does not support it


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Thanks @Anil_G

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