How to insert variables into Edit Descriptor View in Object Repository

Hi, question about Object Repository elements, but also just capturing any element with the New Indicate Element for Descriptors rather then selectors.

With old selection mode, we just introduced variables in the miniature property field (without opening it in Expression Editor) by just doing " first part of selector string"+variable+“second part of selector string”. Such was the result:

I tried doing the same thing in Properties for particular activities, but I haven’t unlinked it from the Object Repository, and surprise surprise - lineCounter was increased, but it didn’t work - activity still was showing to the 0 line in the Object Repository. Couple of questions here:

  1. Should I unlink the activity from Object Repository, and then it will work?
  2. Is there any way to provide a selector with variable already in the Object Repository Element? (I don’t want it to have a constant value, but to require a variable)
  3. Is there any smarter way to add variables than editing in this small window?

I have been doing it all my career but seems like a stupid way, but since there are no quotation marks in expression editor, I don’t know how to introduce a variable

Thanks for help!

Ok, so I checked that Unlinking it from Object Repository works, but still would like to find out what’s the answer to questions number 2 and 3 :slight_smile: