How to insert value in already created table



I have already created a data table by reading values from an excel and after certain operations, I want to read a value from web page and enter that value into existing table.How can i do that ?


Hi @sreelekshmi,

you can read the value from web page and stored into a variable.
the below example will help you.

file : (6.7 KB)



Thanks for the data @balupad14 .

The attachment is for reading data from the excel and adding into table.
I would like to read values from a webpage and then load that value into an existing datatable.


Hi @sreelekshmi

you can use many way to read the text from web page. Below I have mentioned the one of the activity to read the value from web.

Get Text

but before that you have to take knowledge about these by these links.



Hi @sreelekshmi,

this example will know about the gettext.

File ; (1.8 KB)