How to insert sheet using Insert Sheet activity

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to insert a new sheet using Insert Sheet activity and there are three fields…

  1. Create in Workbook
  2. Sheet name
  3. Reference new sheet as

I’m new to development and needed help with it. I figured since I have already specified my excel file using use excel file activity and renamed a sheet, inserting would be easier.

I’m unable to figure out fields 1 and 3 and any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Sanket_Makwana,

Welcome to community.

You can follow the image below.

Here you should first use the use excel file activity. This will give you the workbook. If you want to define a new workbook, you can use step 3. The other field is already sheet name. I hope that has been revealing.



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Thank you! I misunderstood what reference meant so was really confused where the word “Excel” came up in field 1 within Insert Sheet activity.

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