How to insert multiple columns in sql database

I want to insert multiple columns in SQL like clientid,clientname,clientamount and so on…
i used this sql query
Insert into TableName (Column1, Column2, Column3),(Value1, Value2, Value3);
but i got some error.can u please explain in detail.


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use this query

INSERT INTO TableName (Column1, Column2, Column3…) VALUES (‘Value1’, ‘Value2’, ‘Value3’…);

use quotes in values


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INSERT INTO MyTable ([First columnName], [Last columnName]) VALUES (‘FirstName’, ‘LastName’)

Mention the value in single quotes and try

Hope this helps

Cheers @jaranrikki_17

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Tq @Dilli_Reddy

Its working

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Tq for your reply@Palaniyappan
Its working

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