How To Insert Generated Data, Based on Some Condition into an Existing Excel DataBase


I was able to calculate the Time Difference Between a Given Date/Time and Actual Date/Time in Seconds, but I was not able to Insert the Generated Data Based on some condition, into Existing Excel Data Base.
Please find the following Snapshot for more clarification :

Once you have the value you can use write cell activity within a if condition and can validate the value with the condition you have buddy


Thanks for prompt Feedback Palaniyappan:grinning:
Do I need to write cell at the end of each output ( B,C,D, and D) or a Common one?
Also , What should be the Syntax of Cell Range Supposing Result Column is in Column “C”?

Yes buddy @hsendel
the range format would say for example if you want to write 20 row in C column mention like this

Kindly let know whether that works or not buddy
Cheers @hsendel

It is inserting all values in same cell. By the way how to write range for “write cell” activity, so that it will insert only the related value from A,B Columns?

Use a counter of default value 20 say for (row 20) and increment them to enter into cells one by one below. Use this increment within a loop buddy that would work @hsendel

Could Humanizer get this job done in a best way? (managed from Robot Side, only Write Results to Excel and avoid Tedious Formulas)

Thanks Palaniyappan.
Worked after Using Counter and Write cell Activity for Each Output.

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Thats fantastic buddy
Cheers @hsendel
Keep going …

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