How to insert excel date in sql server // Como inserir dados do excel no sql server

Eu quero receber todas as informações que contem no meu excel, e inserir no meu banco sql server.
Esta apenas enviando a primeira linha de dados do excel, e repetindo a mesma até acabar o processo.
Este é o problema eu nao quero 1 informação, eu quero receber as outras também, não sei se estou errando na syntax sql, sou novo utilizando UIPATH preciso de ajuda.


I want to receive all the information contained in my excel, and insert it into my sql server database.
It’s just sending the first row of data from excel, and repeating it until the process is over.
This is the problem I don’t want 1 information, I want to receive the others too, I don’t know if I’m making a mistake in the sql syntax, I’m new to using UIPATH I need help.

“INSERT INTO [BANCO].##TABELAVALUES(@ Cod,@ Titulo,@ Nome,@ DataHora)”

name=Cod value= data.Rows(1).Item(“Cod”).ToString
name=Titulo value= data.Rows(1).Item(“Titulo”).ToString
name=Nome value= data.Rows(1).Item(“Nome”).ToString
name=DataHora value= data.Rows(1).Item(“DataHora”).ToString


If you have a excel file with data, then you can insert it using multiple ways. If you are looking to automate using UiPath then read the n use UNION command to merge the table data and you’ll get the task done.


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you can do two thing

  1. excute you code in for loop till datatable count and increase row count as index
    other option is, you can create sql Procedure that take Datatable as input, its save all data at once
    for reference
    Send (Pass) DataTable as parameter to Stored Procedure in C# and VB.Net