How to Insert API Oauth/REST calls in UiPath BOT

Hello folks,

I am looking for ways to integrate FedEx GET API into my RPA solution. Any ideas/suggestions/documentation guiding about this will be appreciated.

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Of course @minal.patil

The same can be done using HTTP activity!


You can use HTTP Client Activity and can go through about that here

Hi @minal.patil,

First try to test API Authorization. If you encounter a problem, share the errors and we’ll go through them.


Any example FedEx API, so it’s easy for me to get Status and date from FedEx browser using particular tracing number.

But which activity use for enter FedEx API Key

Using HTTP activity can we will get status ,date and download the pdf of particular tracing number. please give me any example.

Of course yes we can get it.

But did you try using the API first using postman or any other tool ?