How to insert a variable into recording


If I type something, it just becomes a string not a variable.
For example, if I type Password, “Password” appears in the type text activity, after the recording is done.


Do it while recording @Daun, then edit it manually and pass the variable in the field. so while running it from the next time, it will type the value of the variable :slight_smile:

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after recording just change Text with Variable in Type into Activity you declared



We have great timing @sandeep13 that is leading to conflict each reply :laughing:

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@HareeshMR :joy::joy::joy:


Hi @HareeshMR,
I really appreciate of both of you guys’ answers. But I think two answers are semantically identical, aren’t they? What do you mean by “We have great timing @sandeep13 that is leading to conflict each reply”

yes they are

Yeah, we replied at the same time within timespan of milliseconds, so :slight_smile:

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