How to insert a variable into HTML content

I’m currently using the activity “Create HTML Content”. How can I insert a variable?

I feel like its an easy solution, but nothing I’ve found seems to work.

Here is a screenshot of my HTML Content and it’s code view:

you can add value here:
After assign value you can press this button again and move variable to your html code.

Thanks! I seem to get an error when I try that:

Any idea how to resolve that?

I don’t know.
Which version of studio do you have ?

I have 2019.10.4

I’m currently waiting for a system admin to help me update my UiPath.System.Activities package (I get access denied when I try myself). I’m hoping that’ll solve it.

Ok. Will try.
I wanted to send you my project to compare but I have 21.4.5 and I don’t know if they will be compatible.

Hey @NervYerem
Do you have any updates ? Is it works now ?

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