How to Insert a value into Datable by column Names

hi Team,

I have Datatable let us say it as dtA, in that there is a column name as “Age”. I have value a 32 and without using a For Each and Add row is there any way to push that data directly into that Table.

dtA(“Age”) = “32” ->Getting the error as “There is no row at position 0.”
dtA.Rows(0)(“Age”) = “32” -->Getting the error as “There is no row at position 0.”

It will be very helpful if anybody can provide the solution for my Problem.

Thanks in Advance


If you need a conditional use For each with IF, before IF add assign and say Value=rows.item(“columnname”) - if int then close it in cint() if string ad .tostring now let setup IF:
Value = valuetoLook then:
assign Index of for each into int Var and in assign: dt.rows(Index).Items(“ColumnName”) = newValue
solution.xaml (7.9 KB)