How to input data from excel to app Ruipos system

Dear everyone, I was try two day work with unipath studio. I get data excel
|MDCode |N.O|
|13810622701| 1 |
|13810652701| 2 |
|13810632701| 3 |
|13810632701| 4 |
|13810622701| 5 |
|13810652701| 6 |
|13810632701| 7 |
|13810542702| 8 |

Input to Rupios system, rows by rows

But unipath run just realize Row number 1 of system can’t move down to input number to row.

I so glad somebody have some ideas help me to try auto run system .

Thank so much Group.


Welcome Forums

Use Read Range Activity to read Excel and set a variable in property->Datatable

Use For Each Row activity to loop into

Inside for each row you can keep Type Into activity for MDCode and another TypeInto Activity for N.O

In TypeInto you have to specify the element of Ruipos System where to type

Hope this may help you


Dear Mr.Srinivas,
Thanks for your information. I was trying to do the same that, due to the Ruipos system doesn’t support automating for each row, but the system Ruipos allows input number for each row as lick down ↓ a row. So, please kindly have some ideas to help me for TypeInto specify the element of Ruipos and automate down the row as like : TypeInto > specify > Input dt > down > TypeInto.

Thanks .