How To Input Data From CSV?

I am new to UI Path and would like to use a CSV file that holds data into a web browser to fill out an online form. So far I have done the following:

Open Browser (adding the url)
Type Into (to type in username)
Type Into (to type in a password)
Click (to log-in)
Read CSV
For Each Row

And that is as far as I can get. There is box that states “Enter a VB Expression” and no matter what I put into here, I get a validation error saying that the expression is not declared.

Can anyone explain how this works and what I should be typing in here and why? Also, if anyone can direct me to the correct course in Academy I would be most grateful.


Hi welcome to the community, do you have a screenshot of that for each row activity?

In the Enter a VB Expression I tried DataTableRead as I saw this mentioned somewhere but the validation error continues. I also tried typing DataTableRead into the Output under Properties but that didn’t work either.

You want to iterate over all rows from a datatable. In the box indicating “Enter a vbexpression…”
type in the variablename of your datatable.

this datatable could e.g. be the result (Output) from your read csv activity

Have a look on the right side, the properties for the for each row activity. In the input section the datatable can be configured as well. So on the begin it is recommended to have always a look on the properties to see the different option and to get familiar with this.

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Like this?

here you have crosscheck what you have used while configuring the read csv activity or the part in your process that will output the particular datatable

@ppr I’m going to sound really dumb now but I don’t understand what your last message said. Is what I did with “dt” the correct way to solve this problem or is there a better way?

You are just beginning. Every journey starts with the first step. But you have to know which variable name you have assigned. And this is to use there.

Just to adress your second part from your question. Have a look on the beginner / starter courses and check out if Level 1 can be done as well.

Is sometimes its occur because of the mismatch of the username and username variable datatype ,so please ensure that you were enter the username that is related to the username variable datatype.
for example
if you declare a username variables datatype as in a string type then we must enter username as in string except numerical values and special characters.