How to initialize the portal Using RE framework

Hi All,

I want to open a portal using the Given “URL” using the Reframe work and need to load the input excel into orchestrator queue.
Please do needful do achieve this since I am using orchestrator and RE framework in real time projects for the first time before I was using only flowchart and sequences.

Please do needful.

thanks in advance

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This part of opening a url can be done in Init state

And getting the data from excel to queue can also be done in init state provided if you are going to get those queue items one by one in Get transaction state

In case if you want to use as a dispatcher then you can add the data from excel to queue in process state

Cheers @HeartCatcher

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Hey @HeartCatcher

You need to do all these stuff in the init block.


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  • where you are getting this input excel file is it from portal ?

To load the data into the Queue you need not to use Re-Framework template. To built the projects using Re-Framework you need to built two bots

  • Dispatcher : Loads the data into Queue

  • Performer : Get the data from the Queue and start doing actions

  • For dispatcher you can use flowcharts, here read data from the excel and load data to Queue

  • For Performer, you can use Re-framework template, within this you can see workflow initAllApplications, open this and use open browser activity to launch an application

Use the below link for more info

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Hi @HeartCatcher

Do you need to open the Portal use Init state

Use Get Transaction state for add the excel data in the orchestrator queue.

Have a look on the video link


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There are number of different ways you can achieve your required solution.
I would suggest you make your RE-framework based on multi-bot concept.
Multi-bot concept have added advantage of crunching the high count whenever required by running multiple bots for same input file.

Do the following in the RE framework

  1. In Init state Read the configuration file into settings dictionary, get asset, get credential.
  2. Add new state, named “Process Input file”. In this, use “For each” on input folder; read input file and create queue items in Orch.
  3. Use get transaction to fetch a queue item.
  4. Use “Process Transaction” state to process your newly fetch queue item.

Note: In process input file state, first activity should be to move the input file from input folder to processing folder and then read input file to create queue items. Keep everything in try catch and do not throw any exception in catch, just log the error message.

Your RE framework should kind of look like this at the end…

let me know if you need any clarification about the above

@HeartCatcher : BTW, Why do you need to push the data to the queue from the excel file?