How to ingest data as variables when using Orchestrator API


I wondering if anyone else has done this before:

I am trying to kick off a robot via an API call from ServiceNow. The same API call will send the information needed to kick the robot off such as the username, userrole, etc. How do I build the bot to accept the data since this is a call to the robot, and not a call from the robot to a REST API? Please let me know if you need additional details.

This is the flow:
(1) ServiceNow makes API call to UiPath endpoint which supplies the information needed to provision the user (2) UiPath bot kicks off (3) provisions user (4) Writes back to ServiceNow ticket using endpoint

Method: POST
“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“InputArguments”: “{“NewEmployeeName”: “{emp_name}\", \"JobTitle\": \"{emp_title}”, “userRole”: “{user_businessrole}\", \"PCname\": \"{emp_pc_name}”}”
This is what would be sent from SNow. Would I just set these currently set variables as incoming arguments? I am confused on how the bot knows that this call will include data and how do I take that data and variablize it?


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You can create input arguments for your process so it can receive it from the snow api call, the format you will need is up to you, whatever you think will be easier to send from snow…

Thanks @bcorrea. Would I use the HTTP Request function? How would the SNow API Call authenticate with the UiPath bot? This is what I have so far, but not sure if I am going about it the right way any suggestions would help.

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Well to be honest i dont know snow, only uipath, so i wouldn’t be able to help you about that…

Hello Z,
This movie should be the answer to your issue:

Cristian Negulescu
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