How to indicate below given option

want to select the option ‘Last 7 Days’ only but select it seperately ,what activity will help?


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Did you try with Select Item activity ?

If it’s not working then use two click activities. One for clicking Drop-down and other one for selecting required value from drop down list.

Tried Double click activity and didn’t work also tried Select item that throws this error!!! -
select item ‘chrome_renderwidgethost…’: error HRESULT E_Fail has been returned from a call to a COM component


Not Double Click Activity. I said use two Click activities.

  • First Click activity to click on Drop down menu.
  • Second Click activity to select required item from drop down menu.

Yes click n send hot key will work well

Thanks…tried two click activities but once i click the drop down can’t able to select the single option it’s allowing me to select all.

in send hot key what option to be selected?

Also tried to edit the selector(inner text option to Last 7 days


Use click for drop-down and then use send hotkey use down for that 5 times and then last enter hotkey
If still not worked then try click for drop-down
Then click text in that give 7 Days and indicate only that drop-down window

Can’t indicate the option 'Last 7 days ’ alone ,its getting selected as the whole box.Tried Click,Send hotkeys (down) -that part works though ,nothing works after

What happens when u use send hotkey for down is it going on Day7 ?
have u use after that Enter hotkey?

yes i used enter hot key and its not going to seven

where it is going then when u used down keys?

last option(Last 30 days) in the menu

Then delete 2 down hotkeys and then try to run

this is how i am using

First Of all check how many hotkeys are needed to get Last 7 days
if not worked then Use Click Text activity in that indicate that entire dropdown window only and in text field give “Last 7 Days”

even tried that option too:)

Try Click image this is not g reliable bt you can use this this will definitely work

ok …thanks a lot for the suggestions.