How to index and map the content in Excel

Dear all,
i have some problems to deal with them, for example:

in a folder ,there are some .docx files, the name format of word files like
The number , 000001, 000002 is regarded as code number .
meanwhile, there are 2 sub-folders in this directory , they are named a folder and b folder,
Then, there is a excel files, A row is the code, B row is folder name.
I need to classify the docx files, for example
the 20190713_000001_xxxxx.docx file, the code 000001 in excel, it should be move to a folder(because in excel file, the code number 000001 in row a, in b row the folder is a). the 20190713_000002_xxxx.docx file, the code 000002 in excel table, it could be move to b folder. how could achieve this function, anybody could you help ,and give me some demo .xaml?

Hi @Chris-Yiwei

Hi use strvar =Path.getextensionwithoutfilepath(input file path)

Based on that take strvar.tostring.substring


thanks a lot for your reply
could you give me a code demo?

Gv me time LL send

ok , thanks a lot in advance