How to increment down arrow key during a loop?

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Requirement is to

  1. Drag the scroll bar to the top using mouse activity. Used Ctrl + Home as a hotkey. However if there is a scroll bar drag option available please let me know, as it will be useful in my case.
  2. Increment down arrow key when in a loop.

The screen where automation is done has a nature where every time a loop is completed, the down arrow key has to increment. ie. There is a screen and there are a list of rows. First row item is selected and there is a process. First loop gets completed. At the start of the second loop, the screen has to go to the top of the screen and thats where the (1) requirement is needed. Every time the screen reaches the top, the cursor will be positioned at the first line item. Hence down arrow key is used to move to the second row and so forth and increment is needed. Help me on the activity where I can assign a variable which helps the activity to increment.

Note: For more clarity, this automation is done for the deletion of line items in the FBCJ T-code in SAP.

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Have you tried with send hotkey->pgdn.


Page down goes to the next set of rows. But the need is to select rows one after the other after every loop, where every new loop starts from the very first row. So if it is incremented using a variable it can be achieved as below,

At the start of the process, if I fix a variable X = 1
At the end of the sequence or flow, I can give X = X+1

But dont know which activity does that.


If it’s a structured table format and if we can scrape it then use data scrapping and get the output as datatable dt

Then inside the loop you have now use the same variable x and x = x + 1 in a assign activity

Then use a if activity like this

X < dt.Rows.Count

If it’s true it goes to THEN block where use a SEND HOTKey Activity with down as key

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Thankyou @Palaniyappan . Will try it out.

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