How to increase the Performance of a BOT - which does data entry from EXCEL to SAP


I have to increase the performance of the BOT.
I am entering the data from excel file to SAP using BOT.
As there is a huge data its taking long time
Ex: 100 records in excel taking 3min to enter to SAP.

Is there a way to reduce the time to 1min


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can you list your activities?
Not sure how much can be reduced. But you can improve your automation process to make it switch and perform activities quickly. Try with simulate enabled.

Hi @SeemaAA,

To increase the performance of the Bot . I can suggest some points.

  1. Try to read all the data into DataTable From Excel.

  2. Don’t do the loop inside excel scope. Better use Read Range Which is having the WorkbookPath , Range, SheetName.

  3. Loading the data - keep the datatable for loop inside the SAP application. Don’t open the application each item. Once you opened it that you have to close it after finished the datatable for loop.


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