How To Increase Automation Skills With Citizen-Led Innovation | UiPath

Teresa Wu is director of product marketing at UiPath.


Businesses around the world are reeling from the extraordinary force that is the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In the face of constant uncertainty, leaders have responded swiftly to keep things running: ensuring employee safety, putting infrastructure in place for remote work, and enabling continuity plans.


For many, the toughest leadership challenge is only now emerging. Leaders need to figure out how to make a comeback from the impact of COVID-19, especially when our ‘new normal’ reflects a very different reality than anyone had planned for.


UiPath recently hosted a conversation between Kevin Kroen, intelligent automation leader and partner at PwC, and Doug Fowler, UiPath vice president (VP) of global partners to hear their market observations, projections for long-term business impact, and recommendations for the road ahead.

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