How to increase array size in VBA activity

Myarray is size of 35
Myarray = {“401”,“2”,“3”,“4”,"5,“5”,“6”,“7”,“8”,“8”,“8”,“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,"5,“5”,“6”,“7”,“8”,“8”,“8”,“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,"5,“5”,“29”,“7087”,“8333”,“8”,“8”,“5”,“64”}
In invoke VBA activity,in entrymethod I’m directly passing “Myarray”
In my VBA file , obtaining array argument as
Public function array_Size( ParamArray Myarray () as variant)
Msgbox upbound(Myarray)
End function
Here I’m getting upbound value as 29

Here I’m getting only value of array from 0 to 29(value lower bound as 401 to upper bound 7087) but I’m passing 35 values accordingly I’ve to get 0 to 34 .I can’t get rest of values (8333 to 64)

Whether there is limitation in obtaining array argument in VBA file .I wanna to get full size of array . please help me out

Writeline your array value before and after the VBA activity. Make sure the variable in your invoke VBA is indeed the same variable and current value.

Yes I’ve checked a lot . Even I’ve writelined it I’ve got same size array before VBA

change the name of the variable inside the invoke to be safe.

I did that too already

The invoke VBA method says only 30 can be passed

Thanks for finding out is there is any other way to pass my data

Really thank you it’s very helpful

I have not used that activity, but is it possible to split it up in two invoke VBA activities?

Thanks I think in that way I can’t do it with my code