How to Include Assets data in Package

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Is any way to include assets data at the time of preparing the package for deployment on lower to the production environment?
I am using copy-paste approached for moving assets data. I have a huge number of data to some time it’s time-consuming.


No. That’s not what assets are. Assets are separate from the automation and are read at runtime.

Why do you have a huge number of assets for any automation? Assets aren’t the appropriate place to store large amounts of data.


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Have a look below thread.


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Yeah we can call all the assets you have inside a process with GET ASSET activity in studio

Here you go on how to manage asset

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This isn’t what he’s asking. He knows how to create and manage assets. The issue is he has a large number of assets for some automations, and it’s tedious to recreate them all in the production Orchestrator environment.