How to improve the speed of process

Dear All:

I am a new beginner. I have a question about process speed. When I run a Job in the orchestrator, of course, only one robot run the Job. By the way, I don’t buy license. one computer only have one computer name, so only config one local robot. My question is when the data is large, is it possible to improve the speed of the Job using multiple robots simultaneously? If can’t, how to improve the speed?

Thanks in advance !


YES, you can use mutliple robots run same process, and here is use of queues come into existence. so you should upload you data to queue and run same process on multiple robots, based on the status of queue items robots will pick unprocessed data and will run spontaneously.

Thanks for your answer ! If we can use mutliple run same process, but in one computer we only have one computer name. That means I can only create one robot. So ‘mutliple robots run same process’ still make sense? I don’t buy license, if I bought license, can I use the same computer domain name to create several robots?

FYI at one time only one bot can run in one machine if it is attended robot.

Now, I didn’t buy license. I use Dev robot. I can only use one robot in my machine. So what license for? Only for control remote machines?

License to orchestrator is depending on number of robots you want to use, you can control multiple robots in multiple environments with multiple processes. if it is only one bot and one machine i dont think licence is required. when you have multiple bot needs to be monitored with multiple process then you can go for licence.

Thank you very much !:grin: