How to import the package manually?

Hi everyone,

I met a problem that My robot failed to update/install the packages of the process when the first time execute the process.

Besides, not only just this activity but several activities appeared this error message.

Here’re some possible causes I think:

  1. My colleague said that the IP address which UiPATH offer from the website ( changed, he already applied to MIS for opening these setting, since the robot couldn’t update successfully.
    Is there any fixed IP we can use for the furthering process used?

  2. Due to our company policy, I thought probably the reason is caused by firewall, protocol or somthing else… whatever.
    Is there any solution maybe I can prepare these packages manually and make it to be a part of the default packages in the default setting when open the xaml file?

Thanks in advance


Kindly check this once with uipath technical support team as they guide you in right direction

And for this
Yes we can upload the packages manually to the folder
Kindly have a view on this doc
Based on your set up like whether connected to orchestrator or not we can place the updated package

Cheers @opas1216