How to Import Image File With Recording From Java-Edited Website

I can’t get an image file with recording from a java-edited website. Receiving black screen or area that I didn’t select comes as image file.

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You mean, you want to do something in the JAVA related web site or browser?

Yes Java related web site.

Again confusing, is it a application or web site?

If it is JAVA application, install JAVA extension and then try to record
if it is a web site, try installing the browser extension whatever you want and then record

It is web site.Which the browser extension? . I don’t found it.
I use IE.


For IE you don’t need any extensions. if you are using mozilla or chrome, then you need to install the extension.

Just click on screen recording and select web, then start performing the tasks manually once. it will record everything and then modify it if needed

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