How to import from csv, checkbox status?

Hi Everyone, I am impressed with quick response from the community, thank you all.
I have a webform that has few checkboxes. I have a csv that contains data to be transferred to the form, however I do not how to set a checkbox as “checked” or “unchecked”.
Like TRUE in csv to set it Checked and FALSE to set it UnChecked.
I cannot believe I am the first one encountering this.
Thank you in advance.


Read CSV activity to read Rows.

Use GetAttribute activity (mostly aastate) to know if the checkbox is checked or not.

Use Check Activity (Toggle Action) if CSV value not equal to GetAttribute Value

I could be wrong, but doesn’t the Check Activity have an action property that you can set to Check, Uncheck, or Toggle. Check will Check it regardless if it’s already checked and same for Uncheck. Toggle will flip check or uncheck.

So, you can do an If Activity for if it’s True, and have a Check Activity for Check, then in the Else use the Check Activity for Uncheck.

You could also use the Get Attribute and Toggle, but that seems unnecessarily complicated in my opinion.

Just my thoughts.


Here we go…:+1: (8.1 KB)

Guys, thank you all for help. I have used ddpadil’s solution as he sent the sample. Basically all were almost the same, but being a beginner, a sample worked better.

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