How to Import external name spaces


I have a scenario where I would get a Display Name of several users and I need to get Active Directory SAM user name from that DIsplay name. There are activities for other actions in this package pack but no activity to get SAM Account name.

I did some research and this can be done using custom code. But to implement this in Invoke Code Activity I had to use System.DirectoryServices Namespace . I am unable to see a few required namespaces in the UiPath window. please check the below image.

Can anyone provide some guidance on the below. Thanks

@Palaniyappan @balupad14

You would manually add the dll to the XAML

  • Save XAML / male backup
  • open XAML in text editor e.g. notepad++
    add following line:

then open XAML again in UiPath and add the needed namespaces via the imports panel

This does not work for me, trying to add Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Mime namespace