How to import argument when invoke a workflow?

Hi all, this question may looks stupid to u, however, I do get a problem in this:

When I import an argument or edit an argument into the invoked workflow, everytime after I click ok, and open it agian, the argument I just added disappear, this drive me crazy,

if i use edit to add argument, it can be add after click ok, but after that, if i click import arguments, the argument I just added will disappear.
if i use import argument to add, after click ok, and reopen the “edit argument” or “import argument”, the argument will disappear directly.


well, the existing arguments I added long time ago, and it took me long time to add and add again until one time it stay there, I don’t want to do this now.

No matter what I used, edit or import, it cannot stay after I click ok, what’s wrong???

Why do you click on import after making the edit on arguments?

you hit me, but why this will happen? the arguments of other invoked arguments even though I click import, it will not disappear…

Instead of adding the argument from “edit”, you can add the argument by opening the workflow and then declaring it from “arguments” tab

It should’t disappear if you do this way



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