How to implement caching

I am trying to implement caching in my process. Need guidance as which is the best way to do the same. I am using microsoft.activities get cached value but after setting the cached value when I try to access the value from another sequence it is not returning any result.

Please suggest any other approach.

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Kindly try once with a writeline activity in the sequence where we were getting catched value so that we could check with the output panel whether the value is fetched or not
then we can check with the next sequence on not able to use it
Kindly share that screenshot as well
Cheers @Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan




Issue is when we call get cached value from another workflow it does not fetched cached value.

Get Catched value activity will be having a output argument say named like str_catch
–now inside the GetCatchedSessionID.xaml create a argument of direction IN named in_str_catch
–while invoking that with invoke workflow file activity click on the IMPORT ARGUMENTS and we would be able to see the IN argument in_str_catch
–now in the value column mention the variable str_catch from GET CATCHED VALUE ACTIVITY
–now we can use this IN argument in_str_catch inside the workflow that we have invoked as it will have the catch value

hope this would help you
Cheers @Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan

The main purpose i was using cache is to avoid this. My aim was to set some value in some workflow that would use cache memory and then using the name given in set cache to retrieve the value using get cache in some other workflow.

This is anyways last option. I am trying few more things will update if i find anything.

Please let me know if you find any alternate.

you have found the catch only thing we need now is to pass that to another workflow with IN Argument

no worries
kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan

@Dinesh_Kumar_Lalchan hello, did you succeed in getting cached values from another workflow?