How to implement an Orchestrator partition through the creation of a Multitenant


We are trying to add one more tenant to our Orchestrator license but we did not find valid information about how to implement this option.

So far we have managed to create another different Tenant but when we access this it appears that Orchestrator does not have a license (attached image) so we understand that we are not accessing a partition of our current Orchestrator.

Should this be the case? Do we have to perform any operation other than creating the new tenant so that the Orchestrator license is active?

If anyone has any idea about it, the collaboration will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, greetings.

This way the license appears when we access with the new Tenant:


This is the new Tenant with which the Orchestrator license does not appear activated


Hi @Yur

Please contact our Technical Support if you haven’t had much luck with the Forum :slight_smile: They will surely help you out.

You can also read more about tenants here:

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