How to ignore string in between row

Hello,There is column called age…I need to convert it into Birth Year…i converted by using…but there is value between row which is in string How i need to write in excel file as invalid data in staus column
error in excel row

  1. Read Range (Read data from Excel into a DataTable)
  2. Add Data Column (Add a new DataColumn named “Status” of type String to the DataTable)
  3. For Each Row (For each row in DataTable)
    • Assign activity: ageValue = row(“Age”).ToString
    • Assign activity: birthYearValue = 0 (default value in case of invalid data)
    • If activity: Int32.TryParse(ageValue, birthYearValue)
      • Assign activity: birthYearValue = DateTime.Now.Year - birthYearValue
    • Else
      • Assign activity: row(“Status”) = “Invalid Data”
    • Assign activity: row(“Birth Year”) = birthYearValue.ToString
  4. Write Range (Write the updated DataTable back to Excel)
    Hope You Find it!


Excel Application Scope:
WorkbookPath: “Path_to_your_Excel_File.xlsx”
Read the range into a DataTable (let’s call it dtData)

For Each Row activity (row) in dtData:
Assign activity:
birthYear = Date.Now.Year - CInt(row(“Age”).ToString())

If-Else activity:
Condition: Integer.TryParse(row(“Age”).ToString(), age)
Assign activity:
row(“Birth Year”) = birthYear
row(“Status”) = “Processed”
Assign activity:
row(“Status”) = “Invalid Data”

Write Range activity:
Sheet: “Sheet1” (or the name of the sheet containing the data)
Range: “A1” (or the starting cell of your choice)
DataTable: dtData



Use this expression to check if the age column contains age or not. If false then write invalid data in status column

Got it thankyou rigandu and tazunnisa

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