How to identify which row of data not yet processed

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i have a listing whereby user will update the request from time to time in the same worksheet.

How can i identify whether that particular row of data has been update in the system?

the process will be like this

  • go to the excel file and get the delivery order number
  • then go to system to create billing
  • then update the invoice number into the excel

so is it possible for me to do the condition setting , to proceed for the remaining one?

please advise any activities or roughly how can i design the workflow to identify the data which havnet process?

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You can add one more column that says “Remark”. So when you process one row and that is completed you can add status in the “Remark” column as Completed and then you can filter the excel remove the rows which have “Remark” as Completed. So you will get all the records that are not processed.


Thanks for your reply. After i use the filter datatable , i can now remove those rows which has been complete.

But how can i know the first starting rows is which row or said row index… as i will need to paste the invoice number to that row.

Hi @irene0227

Take For each Row and follow the steps as you mentioned, if data row is success you can add invoice number at the same time only.

If data row is not created billing, you can write that row into unprocessed excel file.



Thanks for your reply. But i couldnt understand what you mean and how to do it.

Hereby i attached my input excel file.
input template (04112020).xlsx (11.9 KB)

For my workflow, now i am using filter datable

Then i use for each role to loop over the filterDT

After sending email, will need to update the invoice number and status into the input file.

but whenever i run the workflow it will write the value to the first row of the datatable which is not the first row after filter.

So, i want to know how can i actually write the value in the correct starting row after filter.

Kindly advise. Sorry that i was unable to share my workflow file as it consist of confidential info.