How to identify where is my message box in workflow?

Lets say, I have a 20 workflows with lots of activites involved in each work flow. Somehow, one of my developer has forgotten to disable the message box activity in his code.
Now, when i run the Main.xaml , I am encountering the message box.
How to identify the location of message box i.e in which work flow and in which line of code ?

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You can search in the main workflow in the search bar for message box (title name or displayed message box value).

I cant find it in main workflow. Can you send me the screenshot.
Are you saying to search in Project?

Buddy @Pavan_Gunda

you can get it from here buddy
when you want to search the message box activity used in a workflow and you want to identify it
with this

Cheers @Pavan_Gunda

Well Pavan,

There are many avenues you can take to remove/locate message box, here are some.

  1. Universal search on right hand top if your developer hasn’t changed the ‘Message Box’ name.
  2. Run process in debug mode and once message box comes up just maximize the studio and the debug feature will highlight in yellow where the workflow activity is.
  3. Use export to excel feature and search for the exact “message” of the message box and find out which .xaml has it.


  1. Open .xaml file in notepad and search for the exact message.

But, universal search can also carry out 3rd and 4th point. But if there are many message boxes (more than a dozen per se) then opening through notepad and deleting only that node might be faster. Your wish.

Tell me if these work.

Regards :slight_smile:


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