How to identify to get the DictionaryArray value is null

Hi Team,

I have to fetch details from SharePoint using CAML query i am using GetListItem , i want to set condition if particular value is null i should assign NA

Multiple data is there if i add 4 or 5 value is null i add condition na, it will throw exception for if condition is null why because if data availabel then only it will condition satisfied .



Raja G

Hi @Raja.G

You can use an If activity with condition “DictionaryArrayVariable Is Nothing”

You can also use the null-conditional ?. operator to check if a dictionary value of key is null in C# .

Here’s an example of how to use it:

• Use ContainsKey method to check that key is exist in dictionary.

• Check for null using null-conditional ?. operator.

• If the result is null or empty string, you’ll set the name to unknown value

Check out the thread


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You can use IsNothing(dict("Key"))


Hi @Anil_G and @Gokul001 ,

Is null and is nothing all i tried but only data is available then only it will work if is null value in dictionaryArray wont give solution

My problem is any null value is there in DictionaryArray condition should True, i couldn’t able to set condition please help me for this

Raja G


The above should be working…did you include .ToString to this?

Can you show some screenshots please