How to identify the quantity of items in the NFe xml

I need to identify the quantity of items in an NFe by the xml



We would recommend to check first if XML Namespaces are to handle:
XML Extraction - Handling Namespaces (Tableau, Soap, OASIS types) - Help / Community - UiPath Community Forum

Maybe you can share the XML as textfile with us

Example xml file

33221224075306000175551000000631401000340621-procNFe.xml (9.0 KB)

Yes XML Namespaces are to handle in general

Coming Back to your requirements:

we assume a count

we assume the det elements

Deserialize XML - output: xDoc | DataType: xDocument

Quick Approach (local name)

Approach with namespace


xnsDefault | DataType: XNamespace =


Hi @Enzo_Antonio
You can follow the above method, which @ppr mentioned.
It is a general approach that will be effective.

Kaviyarasu N

Great solution @ppr
thank you very much

How can I get the tag from each of these items ?

with the descendant you already get the elements. Maybe the following will help for next steps:


However we would recommend to scope 1 Topic = 1 Case / Question.

So origin we saw the request of getting the count, which is answered so far.

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