How to identify the dismatch data after for each row

Hi, i need help.

I have filtered two data table and have discovered the dismatch data using message box . My problem is , i want to know the dismatch data that been discovered by uipath . Any idea for that?

Thank you.

Hi @Afiqah.Syuhada,

You can add a new flag column in data tables, and update the column value(such as “dismatch”) if dismatch.


hi @aisling.bai ,

can you explain more? my data table is in excel


Read data into uipath datatable, then mark the dismatch and write to excel again

Thank you,
Do you know how to select values from row?
For example i have column name “City” , the values it have is A,B,C,D and E.
I want to select only A, D and B from “City”
Any idea for that?

@Afiqah.Syuhada In the if condition use this urvariable.StartsWith(“A”) or urvariable.StartsWith(“B”) or urvariable.StartsWith(“D”)

hi @indra ,
Thank you for your response, but my value is not actually in alphabet.

My value is like the name of city like ‘Berlin’, ‘Moscow’ , ‘Brasov’, ‘Koln’ and more .

For instances, i want to choose ‘Berlin’, ‘Moscow’, and ‘Brasov’ only from the [city] column.

I want to use assign activites, but i dont know the syntax to select the value i want in [city] column.

@Afiqah.Syuhada Have a look here (16.7 KB)

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thank you so much @indra, it works :grin:

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