How to Identify text color in excel

Hi All

How to Identify text color in excel

it may be any column or cell

how to approach this any example


Hi @sachin_hu
Use Get cell color Activity

You can use get cell color activity to get any column color in excel


Sreejith S S

Hi @sachin_hu

You can try with this in VBA Code

Function GetFontnumber(param1)
GetFontnumber = Range(param1).Font.ColorIndex
End Function

Check out the docs


I need to identify font color

its going to work using get cell color activity or any other work

this is only for particular cell

if i have font color any were in column or row how to identify that …?

Share the sample input and explain in detail about your issue? @sachin_hu



font color (Red) my be any were in excel i need to identify and send mail notification