How to identify ready only field

Hello Team.

I have to write an IF condition where I need to identify read only fields in an application n skip them. Like which property should we use to know if the field we are entering text is read only or disabled

Which Application type: Desktop or Web or others?

Hi @Pramod_Bharat_Mangale,

The Get Attribute activity may be of use to you. You can pull the data that will make a difference for your if condition by examining the UI Explorer > properties field. I hope that will be useful.




Hello @Pramod_Bharat_Mangale

In your applciation, if there are only read only fields, then open Uiexplorer and inspect on a editable element and a non editable element.

Then make a comparison of which attribute is determining the read only.

Then in the automation you can use get attribute to check that attribute. if attribute is class, then give it in the “get attribute activity”

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