How to identify Openforwork people in LinkedIn search

Hi everyone how to identify that the profile is open for work and also need to copy the URL of particular person who is open for work.

Tried to identify through Get Attribute and many ways but unable to identify particular open to work profiles.

Any suggestions members.

sample image below.

This task may be difficult since LinkedIn charges a lot of money for recruiters having the ability to search by Open To Work profiles. May check out the free API at LinkedIn Consumer Solutions Platform - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn


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Hi @rathishseng,

I found out there is part of the selector that makes difference between the profile pictures that are framed and the ones that are not.

This is the selector attribute “url” of regular profile picture:

This is the one that has a frame (“Open To Work”):

You just need to build appropriate selector to target the ones which have “profile-framedphoto-shrink” word in the src.

Bogdan :robot:

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Try to see if you can leverage APIs from LinkedIn UI Automation of LinkedIn is not preferred at all.

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It works thankyou for the support :blush::+1:

Hi @rathishseng,

I have to agree with @Parth_Doshi, try not to get yourself black listed from crawling using UI automation on Linkedin especially, if you are using your own Linkedin credentials. Linkedin can track your public IP and in the worstcase block your entire public IP from accessing linkedin. Just an heads up, it may not happen, but it can happen :slight_smile:

Do read which bot agents are allowed and which arent. Almost all websites with personal data have strict crawling requirements and these are specified in “/robot.txt” endpoint and will need your profile to be while listed from such scraping.

You will have to send a request to be whitelisted

@BogdanTod and @rathishseng
Regarding the solution that is a good find. But it is worthwhile to check if it is different for Open To Work and Hiring tags or what if a new tag is introduced?

If this can not be distinguished using the selector shown in the solution may result in scraping profiles with any tag.

Linkedin can introduce new tags and the automation may end up being brittle.


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