How to identify one specific application running in the background?

I currently have an application that is open. Let’s call this application - “ABC”.

I want to identify whether “ABC” is open or not. If it is open then do nothing and if it is not open then open it.

I used Get Process activity and got a list of all processes running in the background including “ABC”, however, how do i narrow it down for UiPath to only identify ABC and to ignore the other processes.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks !


Hi @Anamika,

Use can use GetProcessesByName and pass “ABC” as parameter.


There are some potential solotions.
If you know the process by name it is easy.
Search in your result for the process (for example Datatable search)
Or use try-catch and address your process, If it fails, start the process in the exception block.