How to identify if a field is editable or not?

Hi Community,

I need to identify if Action Owner is editable or not. So after clicking on Action owner, if it is not editable, It will show as below image:


Otherwise , if it is editable, it will show a down arrow as shown in the image below:


I have tried using image exist, element exists and captured down arrow, but it is not identifying properly. It is highlighting other fields if down arrow is not visible.

Selector Attributes I used :

If I remove idx, it is not even highlighting the field.

Please help me how to identify it uniquely .

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


Can you share screen of UiExploer when the checkbox is indicated? (Especially top-right area)



Please try using innertext property and in that remove the non static part and add start like this Please Enter Action Center*