How to identify duplicate rows based on 3 different columns?

Hi All,

I want to retrieve duplicates based on the columns “Supplier”, “Invoice”, and “Code” in workbook Test.xlsm, remove them from Sheet1, and paste them to Sheet2.

I already know how to remove duplicate rows within a DT using the activity, but that is not the goal.


Expected output:

This is what I have so far using Linq, but I didn’t figure out how to group by 3 columns, and I don’t know if there is another way to accomplish this task, (81.1 KB)

Currently, it can group by 2 columns but not for 3:

Unfortunately, I cannot use non-official activities :frowning:


@Tana20 - Please check this


@prasath17 Thanks, it works!

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This way works well too!
try it.

	.GroupBy(r => (r["Supplier"],r["Code"],r["Invoce"]), r=> r)
	.Where(r => r.Count() == 1)
	.Select(r => r.ToArray()[0])
	//.SelectMany(r => r)
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@park363 - Have you tried your solution? Lamba expression doesn’t work in Uipath, we have to change it to Function(x) x something like this…

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upper code is c#.
as your comment, vb uses ‘Function(x) x’ for lambda.

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