How to Identify BAD and GOOD quality of scan pdf

May i know how do we identify scanned pdf file quality in ui path? If any thing with VB script also good to me. Thanks


It’s like if it easy for human being to read the pdf then i can say it is readable for uipath .and if not also its not readable for the uipath.


Am agree with you Pattyricarte, but i would like to know programmatically how do we check ( its a pre-processing logic) for next steps. What it mean is, based on Good and Bad quality of pdf we will send good readable pdf to extracting text with regular expression workflow and if bad quality one will send to ABBYY FC workflow to extract text. Thanks.

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Hi @Basavaraju

In using abbyy flexi capture 12 you can validate wheter it has 100 percent satisfactory in reading the pdf files.

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