How to I upgrade my 97-2002 Outlook.pst file in Outlook 2010?

I’m up against the 2GB limit. I’m using Outlook 2010 and have an old outlook. pst file. How do up update it?
I tried creating a new one, which I called outlook-new.pst and then importing, but got a message that the file was already open in the profile.
I tried going to File>Account Settings> Data File>Settings, but it only tells me that it’s an old file and doesn’t let me change it.
I tried closing Outlook and going to Mail in Control Panel> Data File>Settings and still can’t change the format.

Hi @AnnaChristian

I believe this issue might be better address via support channels revolving around Microsoft products.
(unless, of course, there are some Office experts who happen to frequent our forum :slight_smile: )

Thank you